24 February, 2012

Comments from 23 February

Kellie said…
Finally caught up, some great chapters, thanks so much! If I was Liz, I'd be grabbing that rabbit stick and using it on Kilgore! IF Susan did not beat me to it!!

I'm hoping that Einar is not too far gone. It seems that he takes one step forward and five back.

I also would not have been able to restrain myself as long as Liz has. I would have had it out with Einar about his NOT taking care of his body long before their guests arrived. Heck by now, Will should be able to "sit on him" and keep him down.

Great story! thanks again.

Glad you’re all caught up! I think Liz has had it out with him several times, but sometimes it can take a while for things like that to sink in, with someone as stubborn and occasionally thick-sculled as Einar.

As for taking the rabbit stick to Kilgore--no! He doesn’t need the rabbit stick. He’s just trying to keep Einar alive…

Nancy1340 said…
Very good. Thanks

Thanks for reading!

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