28 February, 2012

Comments from 27 February

Nancy1340 said...

Good chapter. Thanks

Thanks for reading!

Meplat said:

Good chapter, the women musing over how to live with men who have seen things that no human should have to. Shows an author’s depth of experience, or thoughtfulness, or more probably both. Bless you FOTH for this story that has kept me entertained and often on the edge of my seat for years now.



Thanks for sticking with the story, glad to hear that you’ve found it beneficial in some way.

Anonymous said…

Nice peaceful chapter, FOTH; like the calm in the center of a storm. Can't help but wonder what kind of "education" old Bud is imparting to Einar right about now. Pretty cleverly hidden cliffhanger, sir!

Well, sometimes I can’t very well do those “stormy” chapters one right after another, so it was time for a calmer one. Now, back to the storm…

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