12 February, 2012

Comments from 10 February

Anonymous said…
I'm thinking that the Nutella will go a long way towards providing his body with the nutrients it needs to come back from the edge. Especially since he's managing to keep it down better than the broth. I hope Susan packed even more of it in the stuff they bulk dropped.

A case of it, maybe! They’d better get to the site where Kilgore stashed that stuff before the bears come out of hibernation, if so! Yes, the Nutella ought to help pull him back from the edge, at the moment.

Nancy1340 said…
Very good. Thanks

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said…

I've tried Nutella with all manners of things, but I'm convinced the best thing to have it with is.... a spoon!



I’ve got to agree with you on that one! Though Nutella brownies are awfully good, too…
Like these: Nutella Brownies

Philip said…

Men of WAR.
So close they breath each others air.

TRUST? Yes, at the end of a spear, for one....
For the other,
Reflexes more superior, as one is closer to death than the other.

Words. From 30 years ago or more???? Active NOW, present time.

that can be a driving force beyond normal human understanding, like the two Wives watching, listening.

in the end, Brotherhood.

Welcome HOME, Einar, it takes time, Brother, longer for some, than others....

Yet. Welcome Home.

i cried, the long tears.

Those which come as my Native American Friend said, "from your Cirrhosis of the Liver"....

Intense Chris, more than any I have read of yours.

Thanks, it is a healing to cry.


Well then, I’m both sorry and glad that the story led you to do so, this time. Not easy stuff to write about. Thanks so much for your words. Welcome Home to you, too.

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