24 November, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving/Comments from 22 November

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

We all really do have so much to be thankful for, and must always be mindful of the Source of our blessings and never take them for granted.

Hope you're all having a great day, spending time with family if you want to be, and enjoying plenty of good things to eat.

Nancy1340 said...
Einar really is dense isn't he?

That is entirely possible, but he probably wouldn’t be the one to ask …

Meplat said:
I guess I’m just slow to catch on. I was thinking that Einar was just working through the tribulations of his past. But it is now clear to me that he is delusional. Any man of his knowledge and experience who actually believes that walking is a better strategy for treating swollen feet and legs than elevating them is quite obviously delusional. Liz needs the pack her backpack, put on her snowshoes and head for Susan’s place. At least that way Einar’s son may survive.

Can’t a person be both working through past tribulations and occasionally delusional, at the same time…? Einar’s doing what he can with what he has, sometimes it works better than at others, but he keeps at it. Doesn't really know what else to do.

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  1. Yeah, I'm way behind... just found the site and realized how much I've missed. In reading and trying to get caught up, I've noticed comments about stubborn and delusional.

    We just went through something similar with a relative. She was functioning but not really all there. We were assuming dementia or similar. The doctor checked her out and (out of many issues) found out she was very low on B12. She thought she was eating a good diet (lots of rice and veggies) but somehow wasn't getting enough B12 and as a result was making poor decisions and acting mildly delusional. Within a few days of a B12 injection she suddenly, at least mentally, was back to her old self again. Was making sense once again, thinking "normally", talking in whole sentences that weren't gibberish, etc.

    This makes me think with Einar's poor/lack of diet that perhaps at least some of his issues are being caused unintentionally by a dietary imbalance.