25 November, 2011

Comments from 24 November

Marcos Eliziário said...
Yes, for sure Einar is bordering on delusional. But, fact is, Einar has never been the same since the drugged darts.
I knew that some drugs have a permanent effect on some people's mind. Marijuana for example, can precipitate the onset of schizofrenia in some individuals.
So, if you add Einar's past, his continued state of stress caused by the search, the long periods of famine and pain he went through, and after all of that, a unexpected experience with very powerful hallucinogens, it's not all that unexpected that he may have became a somewhat odd fellow.
Even if I sometimes get very upset with his stupid behaviors, I must concede that he has went thru too much and couldn't not end up without some weird superstitions and totally paranoid.

“A somewhat odd fellow…” Yep, I guess Einar couldn’t deny being a somewhat odd fellow, and while he was probably born that way, life experiences have almost certainly made him more so.

No, those darts certainly didn’t help him. He’d deliberately avoided everything of the sort for his entire life, so being hit with those, especially at that time, was really not a good experience.

Nancy1340 said...
Thanks for the new chapter today FOTH.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading. Yes, it was a good Thanksgiving, hope yours was, also.

Eric said...
Thanks so much for getting the chapters fixed. I am all caught up and can just read the up to date one's. Maybe I'll even get something done around the house besides reading! I hope you have had a Joyous Thanksgiving and thank you so much for all this hard work. This is a great story. Hope ol' Einar get's that head of his straight soon. Big changes coming with that little one about to arrive.

Glad the new archive format is working better for you. Not sure what went wrong with the old one, but I couldn’t make it work, either. Glad you’re caught up now, too! Thanks for reading.
: )

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