30 October, 2012

Comments from 29 October

I've got nothing for tonight, another chapter tomorrow.

Thank you all for reading, and for your comments.

Philip said…
So, lets recap this for a second.
Juni studies wild-crafting and survival, so as to live like Einar... and go find him... and she learns to hunt via primitive means, locates him, which is sort of Needle in the Hay Stack....
Only to be put on E's back and go for a ride in Bad Lands South East Asia....
I gotta ask, did she have her passport & get her (correct # of) shots????
And Liz meanwhile is tracking her spouse, with little Snorrie on her back...
I can see two directions the plot moves from here:
A. Juni breaks Einar's dream sequence, and he finally comes ~home~ with no more bad dreams...
B. they run over the hill into the newly built 7-11 that Bud & Susan are operating, as a Mom & Pop store, with one whole Aisle of Survival Foods & essentials.
OK, so I am Really in need of regular sleep patterns here ;-) ... how you doing? Another try for Elk soon?????
~~ philip the confused per-user of internet reading material.... Who just downloaded "Three Men in the Boat on the Thames River"... "not to mention the dog"! really!
but I ~really~ need some sleep in the Night Time... and not nap in the day... I'm almost scaring my cat with my wacky-ness.....

Hmm…a couple of interesting possibilities there!

No, I don’t believe Juni got any of her shots--or passport, either--as the trip was quite sudden and unexpected…but Einar will gladly let her have all the malaria pills she wants for the duration, as he would never willingly take the horrid things, himself!

As for elk, no, the season’s over for now.  But I may go out after pikas, or rabbits, or maybe Alpine Tree Frogs…just to have an excuse to spend another week or two wandering up in the hills.  Quieter up there.

Nancy1340 said…
So where was little Will during all this?

Along for the ride, in Liz’s parka hood.

Anonymous said…
Great Chapter, I hope he finds some peace.

Thank you.

Philip said…
.... "through the dark hours she held him, broken body but peaceful mind, and in the night there were no dreams" ....
Better now, a nap doe me good, then 2 hours of machine work... hearing the radio change to a new program, I knew it was time to stop... and read today's posting.
Powerful. Poetic in a sense, Bi-Directional Time.
Liz does that for him so nicely! And now there is Juni, with a style of wisdom that fits in nicely for the family of Asmundson.
Maybe she can apply for the position of ~Nanny~, I am sure I saw it advertised on a tree somewhere close by, written with a piece of charcol, on a potion of Deer Hide: "wanted, Nanny for a goofy fellow, so his Spouse can care for their Child...."

Oh, no!  Is it really so bad that she’s posting such advertisements?  I’m surprised she doesn’t just crack his skull with the rabbit stick once a day, whenever he gets to be too much trouble.  :D

Great writing, Chris.... you Always seem to amaze me where the story flows! 
philip, on Guard Mount, Bunker 3Alpha.... just me & Miss Cleo."When you see little people in Black Pajamas's running in your yard, it's really GOD's way of saying ~mow your lawn~".

The key, you see, is to sleep out in that long grass (if you’re not going to mow it, that is) and that way you can hear them coming before they know you’re there.  Bunkers are targets.  I always slept/sleep better out in the sticks.  :D

Hope you get more nighttime sleep tonight--it sure does make a difference.


  1. Chris, I did sleep a regular sleep last night... and woke up in my bed.... Standing rules Bunker 3Alpha only rest your eyes, no sleep allowed in that 2 man bunker...

    and that scrap of deer hide.... might of been Munion's napkin, dropped after neatly caring for his beak

    looking forward to next chapter....

    yes, "up there" is much better than population centers of current time frame.


  2. Glad you got some better sleep last night. :)