26 October, 2012

Comments from 23 October

Anonymous said… 
Thanks for the new chapter. But don't miss taking the winter's Elk just because of us. 
Bad business this. If Einar, in dream state, breaks through the aspin/bamboo barrier and makes good his escape any he may encounter will be enemies. I would prefer an arraignment where he and Liz slept in shifts. The trapping is not critical at this point and need not be perused in a desperate fashion. 

No Elk this time, haven't had enough snow to drive them down into grassy areas yet and the critters are so scattered because of the long, dry summer.  Came close, but never just the right situation.  Sure did enjoy being up in the high country for a while though!  Thank you all for your patience with the story.

Mike, yes, a dangerous situation with Einar.  He'd like to be a lot further away from all of them for the night, but it didn't work out that way.

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