16 November, 2012

Comments from 15 November

Philip said…
" ... Not even old Mr. Selous-Scout-tracker-turned-federal-consultant-fellow will be able to top this!”
Uhhhh Juniper, me thinks you pushed the bubble, a wee bit to far....
I know there isn't any Bamboo up that high, to make a proper cage for her.... But I bet Einar can construct a cage & make her ~think~ its made of Bamboo, and make her think the Bamboo is of Vietnam Ethnicity!!!!
in fact, I bet she could learn twenty-thirty words of that sing song language, in less than 72 hours, giving her a full 4 days left of that ~week~ of "camp"!!!
I am really waiting on pins and needles, to find out which it is about Juni, Friend or Foe....

Einar could no doubt do all of that.  But I really hope he won’t have to.  Not a good road to go down.

“Camp.”  Heh.  Probably not the kind of “camp” she had in mind, was it…?

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