11 November, 2012

11 November 2012

No chapter tonight, just got too much going on, but should be able to post regularly through the week.

Thank you all for reading!


  1. Good things take time.... ~the Saga~ of Einar, Liz & little Will, is a ~Great thing~ and thus worth all the "weight' I can give it.

    I just crawled out of Bunker 3Alpha myself, God said it was safe to do so.

    Heated my house for the first time last night, bringing in the 30# Propane tank from Small Beginnings to do so. dusted off my Propane Two Panel Ceramic heater, re-read important instructions and ignored the DANGER WARNING instructions, that are there to CYA the company, I bought the heater 12-13 years ago, and have not asphyxiated myself yet, though I also tested and have at floor level, my Carbon Monoxide detector!

    I wish I had wood stove finished, but I only have the body of it... and that, no door, or flue let alone AIR intake, I'll photo journal he making of it (for my wood shop) and post on your forum, Yours, On Veteran's Day, AKA Armistice Day, 11/11/ 1100 hours....


  2. Glad it's safe to come out for a while, Philip. Good to see you around here.

    Sounds like you're getting all set up for the winter there, with your heater installed and in use.

    I'm very interested to see pictures of your wood stove project as it comes along--please do post them on the forum when you get a chance! Will be good to get that stove finished and in use, I'm sure. I just last week went out and cut some aspens to add to my winter's firewood supply--guess with this current cold front, it might be almost time to light the first fire of the season...purple fingers and difficulty hitting the correct key as I type just might be a clue. :D