30 December, 2011

Comments from 29 December

colspt said...
A woman in labor holding a rabbitstick! Run for your life Einar.

Yes, he’d really better watch out…she's got good aim with that thing, as he knows very well!

Meplat said:

Snorri? Well if he is going to be isolated in the wilderness who cares?

No, I don’t think public acceptance of his name is one of their biggest concerns… :D
Besides, it’s a very prestigious name with a lot of history behind it, really. And a family name, as well.

FrRichard said...
Happy New Year and May God Bless this family as we enter into a new year,,,,,,, even if it is 'just' a story.

And thanks for keeping it going.

A happy and blessed New Year to you, as well!

Thanks for reading. Always appreciated.

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