04 December, 2011

Comments from 2-3 December

colspt said...
Goofy guy? Nah, round the bend crazy guy. Einar and Liz are in serious trouble. Look how much Einar has lost of himself since this odeal started. He has survived because of his wits and now he has let himself go for so long he doesn't have any wits left.

Einar would probably disagree to some extent about his not having any wits left, but he’d probably be wrong, too. Guess some things need to change.

RememberGoliad said...
Backwards, sir: THANK YOU for writing!

I probably wouldn’t write if I thought nobody was reading (well, I probably would, actually, but wouldn’t bother to post it…) so the thanks has to go both ways!

Kellie said...
thank you -I am all caught up now :) have a great day! but for some reason, I am wanting a cup of tea and stew....all while wrapped in a blanket.

Glad you’re all caught up, but what’s all this about tea and stew and blankets…?

The story is supposed to inspire you to skip supper and go sit out in a snowstorm, so it must not be working right! :D

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  1. lol! no snow, just rain here....we had a dusting a few days ago.....