22 January, 2014

22 January 2014

Folks, once again I must apologize for not having a chapter ready.  Going to have to have a little more discipline, here, and get back to the regular posting schedule.

Thanks very much for your patience...


  1. Chris, I cannot accept your apology, because it is not necessary. You are GIVING us knowledge in an entertaining manner, and for me to accept your apology would be tantamount to expecting a gift, and that amounts to unconscionable behavior on my part.

    No sir, it is not you that should offer apologies; rather, it is WE the readers who should offer you our gratitude on a much more frequent basis! I am happy to read what you write, when you write, and I never have and never will feel "owed" a chapter on a certain day.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your days to create such a spellbinding tale for us. Your talent is amazing!

    Leaving this anonymous, because I hope that I'm speaking not only for myself but for many others, and don't want to take credit for putting into words what everyone should be thinking.

  2. We do know you have a life you know? LOL


  3. Thank you for your wonderful story and valuable information.

  4. Anonymous #1--Thank you for your words. I'm glad the story has some value to you, and am thankful that you appreciate the chapters whey they do appear--but for my part, I still mean to do better at posting more regularly. Thanks!

    Nancy--Hey, that is a point, isn't it! Thanks. :)

    Anon #2--Thanks!