12 January, 2013

12 January 2013

Bill Priday said…
Am I the only one seeing the humor in all this? I sure hope not! Great story, Chris, and don't apologize for missing days, please! It makes me feel guilty, like you think you're obligated to do this. WE are the lucky ones, to be blessed with having access to your amazing talent WHENEVER and HOWEVER OFTEN you choose to give us the gift of another installment!

Thanks again,

Thanks, Bill.  No need to feel guilty about it, I enjoy writing.  When I miss too many days, it’s a bad thing for me, too.  Glad you’re enjoying the story.   I appreciate knowing that.

Elsa said...
Bill I am glad that you found this chapter humorous too. I started laughing out loud and had to read it to my husband. As I read it to him I realized that unless one "knows" Einar and Kilgore then the scene that was so funny was actually rather grim.

Thank you so much Chris for the great story. We are willing to wait (rather impatiently), but still wait for the great continuing saga of Einar.


Thanks for reading, Elsa!  I’m glad the exchange between Einar and Kilgore had you laughing—guys like that know you’ve got to find humor in the grim stuff, and tend to get pretty good at it…but I never know if my/their sense of humor will come across as humorous to others, or simply as weird.  : )

I haven't got a chapter for today, but do have one almost finished for tomorrow…

Thank you all for reading, and for the comments/discussion.  They make it all worthwhile.   

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