10 April, 2011

10 April 2011

No chapter today, but here's some of what I was doing yesterday and last night:

Giant raisin cube...

30 pounds of flame raisins, about to be sealed in smaller bags for storage.

Did the same with 30lb of Valencia peanuts, which I pack in small bags and store for making peanut butter...

What an amazing blessing that we're able to buy food like this right now, in such quantity and variety!

Hope everyone is having a good and productive weekend.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That peanut butter looks good. We have a local healthfood store that grinds peanuts fresh, and it looks just like that. :)
    Have a great weekend too.

  2. I actually was looking at your pictures yesterday and saw the Anazi (Spelling???) beans...the ones they thought extinct; so went yesterday and BOUGHT some!!! So I can plant them! lol! Also, finally got some YARROW!!! hehehehehe!!! Nice lady I met today (prepper) gifted me some plants, it's already planted. (had to have a giggle at ya about that) Have a very blessed day Chris!

  3. Anasazi beans,lol! they sell them bulk in Kountry Kupboard.... :D

    And yes, I've noticed that the BASICS kind of cook from scratch stuff is still affordable. Makes me think of the verse: "don't touch the wine or the oil" which were basic staples in ancient days.... take care!!

  4. Peanut butter looks delish!

    I saved the last three chapters for today and it was worth it! Thank you once again.

  5. RPM--It is good! Nice crunchy texture, though if you grind it again, it can be made smooth too, for people who prefer it that way.

    Kellie--Neat that you found some Anasazi beans to experiment with (and glad you finally got your yarrow, too....) I'll be curious to hear how you like them. They've become a favorite of mine, partially because of the unique flavor and also because they cook up so quickly. And yes, you're right about the basics still being affordable--buy them now, before that changes!

    Nancy--Thanks for reading!